Rêverie Cult

by In Circles

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released February 1, 2014


all rights reserved



In Circles Jülich, Germany

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Track Name: Runaway Youth
Runaway Youth
Grim shadows roam the streets
In search for something to believe
Wrinkled skin tells stories of sorrow
Bury your dreams deceit has swallowed me whole
Since the day I was born
I was told to fall in line
Smile back at accused faces
Follow the path of ancient traces
What does it take to break these chains
Crushing my soul, comfort numbs the pain
Now I see, what’s left for me
With my head against concrete
I will walk the road they paved for me
I walk alone, I don’t depend on you
That’s what I know, that’s what will get me through
There ain’t no shelter, there ain’t no rest
Answers will come, in times like seasons pass
Track Name: Rêverie Cult
Reverie Cult
The bond of dreamers departed to never return
Tear apart the curtains of a grey-shaded world
To keep sanity in a place that lost all integrity
Like leaves in the wind we’ll float away
Thought trails we paved are here to stay
Look into our eyes, reflections of the world’s cold gaze
Craving for some substance hiding in our dream
The flowers will wither as seasons pass
Cherish the light, make these moments last
This is the shelter for the ones who lost their home
Put your hand in mine and we will never fade
Bury my feet in the ground
With my head in the clouds
A cry for despair
These are our hands on our vow
Nothing could ever tear this apart
Reverie Cult

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